Our staff of highly trained and experienced Risk Control Consultants are available to assist your organization at No Additional Cost. We provide a variety of risk control services designed to support your organization’s injury prevention efforts to ensure the health and wellness of your most valuable resource, your employees.

Service Lloyds Specializes in the following Services:

  • Onsite Surveys and Consultations for Small, Medium, and Large Policyholders
  • Hazard Identification & Exposure Control Strategies
  • Comprehensive Loss Trend Analysis with Charts & Graphs
  • Custom Service Plans developed Collaboratively with Policyholders
  • Onsite Supervisory & Management Training Education Presentations
  • Industrial Hygiene Noise Monitoring and Hearing Conservation Program Development
  • Written Safety Program(s) Review and Development
  • Ergonomic Assessments and Program Development
  • Fleet Safety Consultations, Onsite Training, and Program Development
  • Return to Work Program Development

To request assistance, please email [email protected] and one of our Risk Control Consultants will contact you to provide the requested service.