At our core, Service Lloyds is a family owned and operated company, much like many of our business partners. As we all continue to monitor and take measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are very conscious of the impact to our business family – our policyholders, injured workers, agents, and healthcare providers. We understand these can be anxious times and to provide at least some level of comfort for our policyholders and agents, we are instituting the following measures effective immediately.

  • We know accounts are being impacted financially due to actions surrounding COVID-19. As we have always done, we will work closely with our clients who need our help to establish a special billing arrangement so that cancellation for non-payment can be avoided.
  • If any of our clients are being shut down or impacted by reduced payroll, we will allow the business owner to supply us with revised estimated payroll information to allow us to endorse the policy and lower their monthly installment. When business resumes, we will amend the policy and any differences will be identified at audit.
  • We understand that affected businesses may change or add job duties that could put the employee in an increased risk of injury. For example, restaurants may ask waitstaff to become delivery personnel which significantly increases their over-the-road exposure. We recommend that policyholders update their payroll classifications to avoid additional premium when the exposure is identified at audit. In addition, we ask that the policyholder contact our Risk Control department for safety controls and training for these new job duties.
  • If our SLIC customers have questions about COVID-19 related claims, you can be confident that our Claims Department is ready to handle them on a case-by-case basis with the same level of competence you have grown to expect from our company. We want to ensure that the claim is work-related and, if it is so determined, that we will deliver the service that will help return the injured worker to health and to their job when medically appropriate.
  • To assist you in keeping current regarding this virus, we have created a COVID-19 Resource section that can be located on the home page of our website at

Finally, to ensure the safety of our employees and do our part in containing the spread of the virus, we have successfully transitioned over 95% of our company to working remotely. We are proud to say the change was made without any loss of service to our policyholders, injured workers, agents and providers. As we continue to navigate this unique situation, we want to simply say “thank you” for the privilege of serving your business and for being a part of the Service Lloyds family. Stay safe!