Report a Claim

Service Lloyds strives to handle each claim in an effective and timely manner. We ask for your help to ensure that workers’ compensation claims are reported timely. In this way, we can avoid late payments to injured employees with legitimate claims, properly investigate questionable claims, and serve our mutual interest in keeping workers’ compensation costs to a minimum.

You may use our online claims form to report your claim.

Should you experience a serious or catastrophic injury, please contact our office immediately at (800) 299-6977, Option #4.

Steps to reporting a claim:

  1. File the Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness (DWC-1) with Service Lloyds within eight (8) days from the date your employee is unable to work due to the injury or immediately if the injury is an occupational disease or death. You can fax the form to 512-231-8248.

  2. Provide a copy of the DWC-1 and Employee's Rights and Responsibilities to your employee at the time the DWC-1 is filed.

  3. If you participate in the Texas CorCare Network, the injured employee will need to select a treating doctor from the Texas CorCare Network. If you do not participate in a network, the injured employee may treat with his/her choice of physicians that accepts workers’ compensation, see TDI's TXCOMP website and click "Main Menu" to locate a doctor.