Safety Training

July 31, 2016

Safety Training

The Loss Control Department is committed to assisting policyholders with safety training for their organizations. Training and education play vital roles in the development of an effective safety/risk management program.

Our safety training videos allow employers to hold safety meetings and provide training in an easy to use format. To respond to those occasions when printed material is more appropriate for safety training, our company offers an array of handouts that may be printed and used in lieu of videos.

When more interactive training is desired, our company has partnered with a specialist in this area. This online safety training program allows employees to train on various safety topics 24/7 assuming they have access to a computer and internet service. There are hundreds of topics available through this program, with many available in Spanish in addition to English. Each topic includes visual representation of the topic and when the training is completed, a skills test can be taken by the employee to ensure the safety message has been understood. To sign up for this exciting training please click here.

In addition to the various training materials mentioned, our company also offers sample safety programs that can be used as the basis for an employer to create their own unique program. The services presented here are available at no cost and designed for ease of use.